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The members of the jury of the International Competition of the 33rd Mar del Plata International Film Festival formed by María Alché, María Bonsanti, Valérie Massadian, Lluis Minarro and Andrei Ujica gathered, declare: 
"We are very grateful with the Festival’s artistic director Cecilia Barrionuevo and her collaborators for gathering these past few days and discussing this fantastic film selection that truly represents contemporary world cinema, as it sails on hybrid waters through documentary and fiction, with professional and non-professional actors, and we have decided to award the following films".


Golden Astor for Best Feature Film
Between Two Waters by Isaki Lacuesta – Spain
Justification of the Jury
“For its cinematographic power when exploring a social, political and racial reality through a strong link with the characters throughout time”.
Silver Astor for Best Director
Roberto Minervini for What You Gonna Do When the World's on Fire?– Italy - USA - France
Justification of the Jury

“For its surgical precision and coherence when addressing a very relevant social issue expressed through feminine voices”.


Silver Astor for Best Screenplay
Federico Veiroj for Belmonte – Uruguay - Mexico - Spain
Justification of the Jury

“For the film's ability to honestly share with us one man’s fragile nature”.


Silver Astor for Best Actor
Israel Gómez Romero for Entre dos aguas – Spain
Justification of the Jury

”For his enormous generosity of sharing his emotions with us”.

Silver Astor for Best Actress
Judy Hill for What You Gonna Do When the World's on Fire?– Italy- USA - France
Justification of the Jury
"For the intensity and courage of introducing us to her wounds and her life experience”.
Special Jury Award Ex Aequo
Chuva é cantoria na aldeia dos mortos, by J. Salaviza, R. Nader Messora - Brazil - Portugal
Justification of the Jury
“For the humble and modest way in which he invites us to a journey between the mystery of a timeless universe and the pragmatic nature of the contemporary age”.


There Will Come Soft Rains, by Iván Fund - Argentina
Justification of the Jury
“For its original story and film transposition, and its ability to work in a poetic manner with children and animals”.
Audience Award
If Beale Street Could Talk by Barry Jenkins – USA
Best Feature Film 
Fausto by Andrea Bussmann - Mexico - Canada
Justification of the Jury
“Because the film is a combination of multiple images that pick up oral narratives, that connect in present time the colonization with the legend of Faust. Because both history and the present day are present“.


Special Mention
The Crosses by T. Arredondo Lugon, C. Vásquez Méndez - Chile
Justification of the Jury
“Because by using a simple but powerful structure, the process and recordings make history more complex and the circle of violence echoes around the world".
Best Short Film
El cementerio se alumbra by Luis Alejandro Yero - Cuba
Justification of the Jury
“Because it's an intriguing, steady-handed short film, with images that revolve around the ghostly existence of towns that are constantly threatened”.


Best Feature Film
The Black Tree by Máximo Ciambella, Damián Coluccio
Justification of the Jury
"Because it is a profound portrait of a goat–herder’s life, and narrates an enthralling ancestral legend about the sky, the earth and nature".
Special Mention
Julia y el zorro, by Inés Barrionuevo
Justification of the Jury

"For its direction of a magnificent lead actress and a a script filled with nuances that portray interesting emotional connections. Because it manages to explore the issue of loneliness without making it explicit”.

Best Short Film Ex Aequo
That Summer Without a Home by Santiago Reale
Justification of the Jury
“Through legends and oral tales, the film creates a possible record of a town that disappears under water. We chose it because of its work with the film texture to evoke a past time and a state of mind”.


Meanwhile The Waves, by D. Gavaldá, C. Rivoira
Justification of the Jury
 “We choose this short film for its mysterious, funny, and intelligent use of sound, image and the shortfilm format to create a provoking portrait”.
Best Argentine Short Film
Meanwhile The Waves, by D. Gavaldá, C. Rivoira
Justification of the Jury
“Together with the protagonist we go through diverse landscapes with no connection at all. In her lonesome search an wandering through this contrasting sceneries, we find characters who feel strange to us and emotions that contract all the way to the ocean”.
Best Feature Film Ex Aequo
Casanovagen, by Louise Donschen - Germany
Chaos, by Sara Fattahi - Austria - Syria - Lebanon- Qatar
Justification of the Jury
“Because they are two radically different views that create unique languages in order to represent urgent contemporary topics. Both committed and creating their own systems, these films expand the limits of film language”.

Best Project
Los conductos by Camilo Restrepo - France - Colombia - Brazil
Justification of the Jury
“For their personal view of the world, which features an aesthetic, political and human dimension, and for delivering a unique film language that emerges from an urgency and a need that becomes moving”.

Young Critic Award
Best International First Film
Terra Franca, by Leonor Teles - Portugal
Justification of the Jury
“With charm and subtlety, Terra Franca depicts the life of a working class family and finds signs of the change of time in the details, like purchasing a vacuum cleaner or a train passing by on the horizon”.
Best Feature Film with Original Soundtrack
Justification of the Jury
Los Knacks: Déjame en el pasado, by Mariano Nesci y Gabriel Nesci
“For being a story that stretches throughout five decades with a brilliant storytelling, revealing a career built on passion and perseverance”.


ASAECA - Argentine Association of Film and Audiovisual Studies-
Contest for Critical Studies of Argentine Cinema “Domingo Di Núbila” First Prize
El regreso de Nobleza gaucha: Homero Manzi y la ampliación del paisaje criollista en el cine sonoro, by Nicolás Suárez
FNA - National Arts Fund
Best Argentine Short Film Ex Aequo
Petit Daguerre by Leandro Listorti
Bicicletas by Cecilia Kang
La Haye Post - Pomeranec
Argentine Panorama Best Feature Film
Not Quite Adults by Federico Sosa
AADA - Asociación Argentina de Directores de Arte Audiovisuales
Best Art Director of an Argentine Film
Laura Caligiuri for Muere, monstruo, muere by Alejandro Fadel
SAE -Argentine Society of Audiovisual Editors-
Best Argentine Editor
Andrés P. Estrada for Murder Me, Monster by Alejandro Fadel
SAGAI -Argentine Society of Actors and Interpreters Management-
Patacón to the Best Argentine Actress
Sandra Sandrini for The Bed by Mónica Lairana
Patacón to the Best Argentine Actor
Víctor López for Murder Me, Monster by Alejandro Fadel
SADAIC -Argentine Society of Music Authors and Composers-
Best Argentine Feature Film Music
Murder Me, Monster by Alejandro Fadel
ARGENTORES - Argentine General Society of Authors
Best National Film Script 
Pablo Cruceño, Fernando Martín Restelli for Constructions
DAC - Argentine Cinematographic Directors
Best Argentine Director of the entire Festival
Mónica Lairana for The Bed
FIPRESCI - International Federation of Film Critics-
Best Argentine First Feature Film of the entire Festival
The Black Tree by Máximo Ciambella, Damián Coluccio
Asociación de Directores de Cine PCI
Best Argentine First Feature Film of the entire Festival
The Endless Day by Alessia Chiesa
Special Mention
I Girl by Natural Arpajou
Special Mention
Constructions by Fernando Martín Restelli 
RECAM - Specialized Meeting of Mercosur Cinematographic and Audiovisual Authorities-
Latin American Competition Best MERCOSUR Feature Film
The Crosses by Teresa Arredondo Lugon, Carlos Vásquez Méndez - Chile
SICA -Sindicato de la Industria Cinematográfica Argentina-
Premio Tato Miller a Mejor Película Latinoamericana
The Crosses by Teresa Arredondo Lugon, Carlos Vásquez Méndez - Chile
Best Feature Film of the entire Festival of Environmental Theme
The Black Tree by Máximo Ciambella, Damián Coluccio
ACCA - Argentine Film Journalists Association
International Competition Best Feature Film
In Fabric by Peter Strickland - United Kingdom
Special Mention
Skate Kitchen by Crystal Moselle – USA
EDA - Argentine Association of Audiovisual Editors
International Competition Best Film Editing
Marie-Hélène Dozo for What You Gonna Do When The World's On Fire? by Roberto Minervini - Italy, USA, France
SIGNIS -World Catholic Association for Communication-
International Competition Best Feature Film 
Cassandro el exótico! by Marie Losier - France


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