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«Working for Pixar was Unimaginable»

Yesterday, at Salón Dauphine, Hotel Provincial, the talk “An Argentine in Pixar” took place. Gastón Ugarte has been part of the creative team of Pixar Animation Studios for ten years. Invited by the Festival, he entertainingly went through his professional career, revealed details about the animation work and answered the questions of an auditorium full of fans, eager to get into the world of the most prominent animation study in the world.   

Gastón Ugarte was born in Tucumán, Argentina. Since he was very young, his passions were illustration and animation. He spent his adolescence among courses and workshops, among drawings and sheets full of his creations. Dumbo, The Liong Kind and Aladdin were -and still are- among his favorites. Later, he decided to study Architecture, although his true passion was elsewhere. Little he knew the habit of designing scale models could take such an unexpected turn.


For over an hour, with programmer Pablo Conde as moderator, Ugarte told those details about his life, the beginning of his career, his education in Florida and how he got into the international cinematographic world in little production companies in Florida and New York. The inflection point would come after a letter sent to Pixar Studios. That would be when his dream would come true.

Gastón has been working for Pixar for ten years. WALL•E, Up, Brave and The Good Dinosaur feature sets designed by his artistic hand. His specialty, and his favorite task -as he confessed- is the “organic modeling” of scenery. Through examples projected on a screen, Ugarte showed what the long process of image production is like, from the first sketches to the final animation.

Of course, he addressed his collaboration in Pixar's last film, Coco, premiered in Argentina on the 32nd
edition of the Mar del Plata Festival. After numerous anecdotes and a relaxed conversation, it was the turn of the fans’ questions: What sets would you have liked to design? What classic would you recreate in live action format? What is the line between paying attention to details and being obsessed? What is a typical day at Pixar like? Gastón answered each one of the interventions and he did it enthusiastically.

Gustavo Toba 


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