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«Twin Peaks invites us to take risks»

 Few directors devoted to experimentation have such a faithful audience as David Lynch. The premiere of the last season of the series was a sensation among its followers, who week after week shared their thoughts, discovered their interest for other works by the director and surrendered to surprise with one of the most risky TV series of the last decades.

At 3:00 PM, Salón Recova at Hotel Provincial was virtually full of an eager audience waiting to listen the Spanish critics Álvaro Arroba and Fernando Ganzo, who -moderated by Pablo Conde- broke down the series as a couple of fans.         




Lynch's work is full of obsessions and recurriencies: pointing at them is part of the process of discovering them. “The first scene of the first episode of Twin Peaks is, in fact, a point of inflection in Lynch's career”, said Ganzo. “The image of the dead woman will be a fixed resource in his films from then on”. That kind of connections are part of the Twin Peaks phenomenon from the beginning, as Pablo Conde remembered when he mentioned Wrapped in Plastic, a specialized magazine centered on the series and the different theories around it.

Álvaro Arroba, on this part, pointed at the similarities between Lynch and two prominent figures of the history of arts, Jackson Pollock and Miguel de Cervantes: “As Don Quixote, Twin Peaks is a masterpiece that goes forward without thinking about corrections and that even transforms its virtues to change its direction or cross things out. In that sense, the series works as a challenge and a provocation to young filmmakers who don't have to deal with the pressure put on by TV channels or big production companies. “Television, and cinema as well, can also be this. “Twin Peaks is an incentive; it invites us to take risks”  


The audience participated with the passion of those who feel in their element. Mark Frost's books were mentioned, as well as the darkest scenes of his filmography and his relationship with the series.   

The talk ended with a round of applause when the hypothesis of a fourth season was discussed, so you've been warned: Lynchophiles walk among us on this Festival. Many of them were at the screenings of Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me. Or at any corner of the city, enjoying a good cup of coffee with donuts.

Cristian Ulloa


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