WIP -INCAA Award- Best Project - «Extraño», by Natural Arpajou

My desire as filmmaker is to tell stories, my desire as human being is enriching me and the others with lived experiences. I have been giving cinema workshops in Villa 21. From the beginning, as director and scriptwriter, this space appeared full of stories, images and characters. I have always wanted to film everything I saw. But, how to be honest? How to reflect the everyday life and reality of a world I do not belong to? With time, I found people that live in the neighborhood to work with, as my student Alan, co-scriptwriter, who has sensitivity and a very intimate vision linked to the context. On the other hand, my work as professor grew, and I felt the need to make them participate in a feature with people of the industry. I wanted to join cinema and shanty town together in a bigger project than the workshop. And everything converged for this project. We want to tell a mainline story and also the little things of everyday life in the shanty town, what is rarely seen, what does not appear on television: the neighbor who wakes up at 5 in the morning, the herbalist, the faith, the bonds. We want to tell about the neighborhood, along with its people. 

Natural Arpajou – Directora - EXTRAÑO


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