Ábalos, a Five Brothers Tale

Josefina Zavalía Ábalos, Pablo Noé

32º Festival


Documentary Showcase

Length: 74min

Country: Argentina


D: Josefina Zavalía Ábalos, Pablo Noé 
G: Josefina Zavalía Ábalos 
F: Nahuel Varela 
E: Adrián Bao, Pablo Barboza, Juan José Gómez 
S: Tomás Tyrrell 
M: Juan Gigena Ábalos, Tomás Tyrrell 
P: María Vacas, Josefina Zavalía Ábalos, Pablo Noé 
I: Víctor Manuel "Vitillo” Ábalos, Juan Gigena Ábalos


María Vacas
T +54 9 11 5479 0658
E mariavacas@ gmail.com
W lapelicula.abalos. com.ar
f /AbalosVitillo

During the ‘40s, the Ábalos Brothers introduced their traditional music and dances from the groves of Santiago del Estero in the Buenos Aires scene, achieving a fame that even catapulted them to cinema. They can be seen playing their "Carnavalito quebradeño” in Lucas Demare’s classic La guerra gaucha (1942). The brothers remained together for 60 uninterrupted years, becoming one of the legendary bands of Argentine folk music, unique in their style. At 88, the last band member, Vitillo Ábalos, starts an adventure: rescuing from oblivion the repertoire he created and performed throughout his entire life with his brothers, now departed. Joined by Juan, his grandnephew, he decides to embark on a sound journey that will lead them through roads they had never imagined.

Josefina Zavalía Ábalos, Pablo Noé

They are producers and filmmakers. Together, they directed and produced the Una historia, 10 canciones shorts.


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