To the Desert

Ulises Rosell

32ยบ Festival

International Competition

Length: 94min

Country: Argentina Chile


D: Ulises Rosell
G: Ulises Rosell, Sergio Bizzio
F: Julián Apezteguia
E: Alejandro Brodersohn
DA: Nicolás Oyarce, Marina Raggio
S: Enrique Bellande
M: Eduard Artemiev, Merle Travis, Miranda y Tobar
P: Ezequiel Borovinksy, Alejandro Israel, Catalina Donoso Knaudt
CP: Ajimolido Films, Wankacine, Triciclo Films
I: Valentina Bassi, Jorge Sesán, José María Marcos, Germán de Silva, Gastón Salgado



Ajimolido Films 
Alejandro Israel 
T +54 11 4863 9844 
+54 9 11 5185 1568 

Julia works as a waitress on the night shift of the Comodoro Rivadavia casino. There, she meets Gwynfor, a customer who offers an interesting work opportunity in the oil industry. And so, what starts out as a morning appointment, résumé in hand, becomes a nightmarish journey in the middle of the arid landscape of Patagonia, a space Ulises Rosell uses with the cinematic power of a western, with the inclemency of the sun and the darkness of night ravaging the protagonists. Inspired by the stories of captive women from the 19th century, To the Desert lays out a mysterious relationship that will shift shape as the dust covers the clothes of both main characters (Valentina Bassi and Jorge Sesán filling the screen with maxed-out intensity). Rosell manages to convey the inclemency of the environment in shots where the Patagonian desolation is felt on the skin and its dryness in the mouth. To the Desert is a road movie on foot, an adventure of survival –as well as a psychological tour de force- where the characters, locked outside, have nothing to lose.

Ulises Rosell

He has written and directed narrative films, documentaries and television series. He directed the short film Dónde y cómo Oliveira perdió a Achala (winner of Historias breves 1995), and the feature films Bonanza (2001) and El etnógrafo (2012).


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