The Young Shepherd

Gonzalo Justiniano

32ยบ Festival


Latin American Cinema Panorama

Length: 124min

Country: Chile


D, G: Gonzalo Justiniano 
F: Miguel Ioan Littin 
E: Carolina Quevedo 
DA: Carlos Garrido
S: Romina Núñez 
M: Miguel Miranda 
P: Jorge Infante, Roberto Trejo, Gonzalo Justiniano 
CP: Sahara Films Producciones S.A. 
I: Nathalia Aragonese, Danniel Contesse, Elías Collado, Corina Posada, Luis Dubö


Sahara Films Producciones S.A.
Gonzalo Justiniano
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The borders that separate fiction from documentary are blurry. In 1946, Orson Welles was the first to use documentary footage in a U.S. commercial, fiction film to illustrate the horrors of the Nazi concentration camps. In the same manner as The Stranger, Chilean director Gonzalo Justiniano uses his own footage of Pinochet’s dictatorship to illustrate the terror of a de facto government in his fictional film, The Young Shepherd. His twelfth film reconstructs the experiences of his travels in La Victoria in 1983, complementing his documentary material with a story about characters who fight for the return of democracy. Guided by a missionary from the United States, the director’s alter ego, the audience lives the climate of fear of those bloody days by putting ourselves in the shoes of Gladys, a young mother who represents all the victims of Chilean state terrorism.

Gonzalo Justiniano

Born in Santiago de Chile in 1955, he is a producer, screenwriter and director. He made many feature length films, including Sussy (1988), Amnesia (1994), B-Happy (2003), Lokas (2008) and ¿Alguien ha visto a Lupita? (2011), awarded at such festivals as Berlin, San Sebastian and La Habana.


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