Communion Los Angeles

Peter Bo Rappmund & Adam R. Levine



Length: 68min

Country: US


D, F, P: Peter Bo Rappmund, Adam R. Levine
CP: Light Brigade 


Light Brigade

 The work of Peter Bo Rappmund, a follower of patient observers such as Thom Andersen and James Benning, is typified by topographical observation and examination of the mark man leaves on the landscape. As in Tectonics (2012, 29th Festival) and Topophilia (2017), the premise of the movie is to follow a line from beginning to end. Together with the co-director Adam Levine, he covers the 36 miles of Interstate 110, a freeway that crosses Los Angeles from mountains to the sea. Shifting from day to night, Communion Los Angeles makes frequent use of time-lapse photography, revealing the artifice of constructing moving images. As in a travel diary, the plot is the journey, a cumulative series of exhaustive, curious portrayals of the hordes of cars, the periphery and its waste as the filmmakers travel along a spine that contains multitudes but also splits everything it comes across.

Paola Buontempo


It screens together with
Two Basilicas

Peter Bo Rappmund & Adam R. Levine


Born in Casper, Wyoming in 1979, Peter Bo Rappmund is a multimedia artist. Born in London in 1978, Adam R. Levine is an assistant professor at Amherst College. Both received degrees in film/video from California Institute of the Arts.


  • 22:30hs. Length: 68min

    Place: Ambassador - Sala 4

  • 13:30hs. Length: 68min

    Place: Ambassador - Sala 4


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