Die Bad

Ryoo Seung-wan

32º Festival

Focus and Retrospectives

Korea, Guest Country of Honor

Length: 95min

Country: South Korea


D, G: Ryoo Seung-wan
F: Cho Yong-kyou
E: Ahn Byeong-ki M: Kim Dong-kyu, Kim Sung-hyun
P: Kim Sun-kuk
I: Park Seong-bin, Ryo Seung-bum, Bae Jung-shik


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Die Bad is included in this selection of new Korean films not only because of the surfacing of a recently restored print, but also to recover a film full of anger, violence and youth that is not as well-acknowledge as other titles of modern Korean cinema. It opened in 2000 (the same year as Barking Dogs Never Bite, Joint Security Area and The Foul King, for example), was shot on a 3,000-dollar budget throughout the course of three years and its cast included a future director (Sleepless Night’s Jang Kung-jae) and future star Jeong Jae-yeong (Right Now, Wrong Then). It is made up of four interconnected shorts, with stories that deal with the violent lives of characters outside the law and male relationships. Over time, director Ryoo Seung-wan would become one of the most successful directors in his country, with a polished style in thrillers that, in some cases, had echoes of that youthful violence. Although the fury of Die Bad would never be repeated.

Marcelo Alderete
Ryoo Seung-wan
He was born in 1973 in Onyang, South Korea. He is a director and writer. He started his career with Die Bad in 2000 and became one of the most successful current Korean directors, with films like Veteran (2015), The Berline File (2013) and The City of Violence (2006). 


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