Borracho fumado brillante muerto: La historia de National Lampoon

Douglas Tirola

30º Festival


Midnight Screamings

Length: 92min

Country: US


D: Douglas Tirola

E: Joseph Krings, G. Jesse Martinez

P: Douglas Tirola, Susan Bedusa

CP: 4th Row Films

I: Judd Apatow, Kevin Bacon, Richard Belzer, Chevy Chase, Beverly D'Angelo


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t +972 851 7337
f lampoondoc

In the early seventies, two eccentric young men from Harvard who published their own satirical magazine in their university traveled to New York in order to make their passion for limitless humor become federal. Thus, theNational Lampoon was born. It was the zenith of anarchistic humor, which foreshadowed the punk laughter that would break out later. This documentary, generous in its look on the graphic and comic revolution caused by those pages, interviews each of the creators of this publishing phenomenon that never ceased to expand into radio programs, shows, albums and films, turning the National Lampoon into a bomb that blew out the American lifestyle as it dynamited any kind of taboo that would cross its path. With footage of live appearances by John Belushi, figurehead that embodied the magazine’s spirit like no other, Douglas Tirola is an exhaustive researcher who traces the arc of comedy that goes from Chevy Chase to Judd Apatow and sets out to tell the uncensored story of the National Lampoon. And he succeeds.
Douglas Tirola
Born in the United States, his first job was as production assistant in When Harry Met Sally. He owns and runs the company 4th Row Films, with which he has produced such TV shows as The X Effect (2007-2009) and documentaries like Actress (2014). He directed An Omar Broadway Film (2008) and Hey Bartender (2013), among other films.


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