El hijo del cazador

Germán Scelso, Federico Robles

32º Festival

Work In Progress

Length: 3min

Country: Argentina



Ana Lucía Frau
T +54 9 35 1221 4966

Intimate portrait of Luis Quijano, son of the ex-repressor from the last Argentine military dictatorship who, after the death of his father in 2015, decided to denounce him before the court that was hearing cases on crimes against humanity. The news had repercussions in the local media. Nevertheless, the figure of Luis Quijano elicits a much deeper approximation that was offered by a brief television report, and that is where the investigation of this project takes its meaning
Germán Scelso, Federico Robles
Germán was born in Buenos Aires in 1976. His filmography included titles such as El engaño, La sensibilidad and El modelo. Federico was born in Cordoba in 1978. His short documentary films include Semana de Mayo, Mañicos, Traslasierra, Salmón and Encuentro imaginario.


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