El último malón

Alcides Greca


Restored Argentine Cinema

Length: 65min

Country: Argentina


D, G, P: Alcides Greca
I: Mariano López, Salvador López, Rosa Volpe, Alcides Greca


Museo del Cine Pablo Ducrós Hicken

n 1904, a group of Mocovi Indians attacked the town of San Javier in the Province of Santa Fe. The raid didn’t go well. In 1917, Alcides Greca brought together several members of the original malón (raiding party) and told the story from the indigenous point of view. The film establishes a gripping tension between the injustices that drove the indigenous people to rebel and the perspective of the white ‘civilization’ to which the filmmaker belonged, and it would be another half a century – with the advent of ethnographic cinema – before something similar appeared again. Today, it is striking for its narrative fluidity, filmmaking technique and how it combined documentary, fiction and the point of view of the indigenous community. This version is a unique 16mm copy preserved by the Museum of Cinema and recently digitized by Leche laboratories in 4k resolution.

Andrés Levinson

Alcides Greca


Born in San Javier, Santa Fe, Argentina, Alcides Greca was a lawyer, journalist, writer, politician and filmmaker, and wrote various plays including Palabra de pelea (1909), La Torre de los Ingleses (1929) and La pampa gringa (1936). He died in 1956.


  • 22:30hs. Length: 65min

    Place: Del Paseo - Sala 2


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