Once There Was Brasília

Adirley Queirós

32º Festival

Latin American Competition

Length: 100min

Country: Brazil


D, G: Adirley Queirós 
F: Joana Pimenta 
E: Adirley Queirós, Frederico Benevides, Guile Martins 
DA: Denise Vieira 
S: Francisco Craesmeyer, Guile Martins, Fernando Henna, Daniel Turini 
P: Adirley Queirós, Simone Queiroz, Julia Alves, João Matos 
CP: Cinco da Norte, Sancho & Punta, Terratreme Filmes
I: Wellington Abreu, Marquim do Tropa, Andreia Vieira, Franklin Ferreira


Cinco da Norte
Adirley Queirós 
E ceiperiferia@ 
f /eraumavezbrasilia

Intergalactic agent WA4 has a mission: traveling back in time to 1959, to planet Earth, more specifically to Brazil, with the mission of assassinating President Juscelino Kubitschek the very day of the inauguration of Brasilia, the new federal capital. But something goes wrong, and the small, rudimentary spaceship he commands sends him to 2016, where he will fall from the sky over a remote land in Ceilândia, one of the most dangerous cities in Brazil, with one of the highest homicide rates. From that starting point, director Adirley Queirós (winner of last year’s Best Latin American Film award with the great White Out, Black In) conveys a film with a post-apocalyptic iconography, in a desolate, dark and destroyed landscape. But Once There Was Brasíliais much more than a sharp example of the genre: this accidental invasion happens at the the exact time when President Dilma Rousseff is about to be impeached, and the congress left in the hands of Michel Temer, whose speeches heard in voiceover make up a context that borders on tragicomedy. This way, the film crosses its clever –in their simplicity- visual ideas while confirming the popular wisdom that reality is always greater than fiction.

Adirley Queirós

Brazilian filmmaker and ex-professional soccer player, he directed various short films and the documentary The City is One Only? (2013). In 2014, he filmed his first feature length narrative film, White Out Black In, winner of the Latin American competition at the 29th Festival.


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