People of the Lake

Jean-Marie Straub


Auteurs Short Films

Length: 18min

Country: Switzerland


D: Jean-Marie Straub
F: Renato Berta
E: Christophe Clavert
S: Jean-Pierre Laforce
P: Barbara Ulrich
CP: Belva Film
I: Christophe Clavert, Giorgio Passerone



Gens du lac does not depart from the Daney rule that says each Straub film as an account of a historical situation in which men have resisted. Based on Swiss author Janine Massard’s novel –triggered by unearthed documents recognising the services rendered to the Resistance by two fishermen from Lake Geneva during the Occupation– the film depicts the life of Paulus, an only son who has found brothers over the course of his fishing – be that his first steps in the trade, the help given to fugitives and deliveries to the Resistance, or his contribution to the emergence of a new Left in post-war Francophone Switzerland. Straub gradually dissipates the peaceful impression and conservative spirit of this landscape, and distinguishes between the silence “recommended during the hostilities” from the silence that subsequently enjoined people not to disturb the political order. 

Antoine Thirion (Catálogo Cinéma du Réel) 


It screens together with: 

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Jean-Marie Straub


2014 Kommunisten
1999 Sicilia! - Sicily! (co-dir. Danièle Huillet) 

Born in Metz, France in 1933, Jean-Marie Straub was one of the leading figures of New German Cinema. Together with his wife and filmmaking partner Danièle Huillet, he has directed more than 20 features based on literary, political and musical texts. He directs films by himself since Huillet’s death in 2006. 


  • 17:00hs. Length: 18min

    Place: Del Paseo - Sala 3

  • 17:00hs. Length: 18min

    Place: Del Paseo - Sala 3


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