Amy Scott

Tributes and Retrospectives

Generation VHS Presents: Hal Ashby

Length: 90min

Country: US


D: Amy Scott 
F: Jonathon Narducci, Adam Michael Becker Alexandre Naufel 
E: Amy Scott, Sean Jarrett, Brian Morrow 
M: Heather McIntosh 
CP: Brian Morrow, Jonathan Lynch, Christine Beebe, Lisa Janssen


 Saboteur Media

Maybe it’s just coincidence but when the seventies revival of American cinema is discussed, it tends to take a while for Hal Ashby’s name to come up, long after Scorsese, Coppola, Spielberg and all the rest. This is a surprise, because his films were made with the same creative freedom as the others and would play an important part in the rise of the so-called New Hollywood. This documentary presents all the necessary evidence to convince those still unfamiliar with his list of masterpieces. From Harold & Maude (1971) to Being There (1979), Ashby addressed the important issues of the decade, including class, race and social marginalization, with honesty, irreverence, pacifism, humanity and, especially, an aversion to authority that would deprive him of power in an industry that may have cast him out but was never able to tame him. 

Amy Scott


Director and editor from the United States, Amy Scott studied film at the University of Oklahoma. She has worked as an editor on numerous films including Me (2014), Beast & The Angel (2012) and Fully Loaded (2011).



  • 00:30hs. Length: 90min

    Place: Ambassador - Sala 2

  • 19:00hs. Length: 90min

    Place: Ambassador - Sala 3


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