How We Live - Messages to the Family

Gustav Deutsch



Length: 107min

Country: Austria


D, G, E: Gustav Deutsch
F: Gustav Deutsch, Mostafa Tabbou
S: Johannes Schmelzer-Ziringer
M: Christian Fennesz
P: Gabriele Kranzelbinder
CP: KGP Kranzelbinder Gabriele 


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"Imagine we are sitting at home, the screen is set up, the projector ready, and we start watching home movies together,” suggests the calm voice of the director at the beginning of How We Live. The film assumes this same calm as it undertakes its journey via amateur film recordings gathered from archives in Austria, Italy, Holland and England. The film employs a broad media-archeological array in the form of letter writing: from color home movies to video and digital cell phone images to Skype. The family recordings that structure the film are like moving postcards, telling of various lives and life paths from the 20th century. But they also speak to the medium of film as a tool of everyday life, to a function of bridging distances that have come to make the "family of man” possible as a community, its biographies increasingly marked by migratory patterns. 

Alejandro Bachmann
Gustav Deutsch

Born in Austria in 1952, he made, among other works, the emblematic series, made up of the documentaries Film ist. (1-6) (1998), Film ist. (7-12) (2002) and FILM IST. A Girl & a Gun (2009), and Shirley – Visions of Reality (2013), his first fiction film, all of them screened as part of the 30th Festival focus dedicated to his work.


  • 23:30hs. Length: 107min

    Place: Paseo Aldrey - Sala 5

  • 14:00hs. Length: 107min

    Place: Paseo Aldrey - Sala 5

  • 19:00hs. Length: 107min

    Place: Cinema - Los Gallegos Shopping - Sala 2


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