The Mount of Ants

Riccardo Palladino

32ยบ Festival


New Auteurs

Length: 63min

Country: Italy


D: Riccardo Palladino 
F: Eugenio Barzaghi 
E: Riccardo Palladino, Carlotta Cristian 
S: Marco Neri, Alessandro Quaglio, Paolo Segat, Marco Fallon 
M: Benedetta Gelati, Miguel Negrão, Dave Seidel 
P: Riccardo Palladino, Lara Brucci, Luca Ricciardi 
CP: Cameramano, Minollo Film, RAI Cinema 
I: Franca Maurizzi


Lara Brucci
T +39 338 878 4383 +39 327 162 1526
E cameraamano@
f /Il-Monte-delle-Formiche-649676425205963

We are in a small area of the Apennines where every year swarms of winged ants arrive from across Italy and central Europe to mate and die. They join together in the same way the voices from texts by Goethe, Emery, Braibanti and Maeterlinck are featured in the film: not by chance, but rather because they were famous myrmecologists, who in the study of these social insects found a way to think about the universal cycle of life and death. In the same natural way, Palladino refers back to his likely teachers (from Piavoli to Straub-Huillet and the poetry of Attilio Bertolucci) and uses the film to represent the idea of an entomological analysis that entrusts the camera with the task of following the ants in flight, and accompanying the faithful and curious who participate in the procession that celebrates the birth of Mary.

Lorenzo Esposito 
(Extract from a text published in PardoLive, 70th Locarno Festival)
Riccardo Palladino

He was born in Italy in 1982, and studied film in Bologna. He is a filmmaker, essayist, and professor. His first mid-length documentary film Brasimone (2014) participated in Visions du Réel 2014, and many other festivals


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