June Turmoil

Zelimir Zilnik

32ยบ Festival

Focus and Retrospectives

Zelimir Zilnik

Length: 10min

Country: Yugoslavia


D: Zelimir Zilnik 
F: Dusan Ninkov 
E: Miodrag Petrovic Sarlo 
S: Bogdan Tirnanic, Branko Vucicevic 


Film Archive of the Int. Short Film Festival Oberhausen
Carsten Spicher
E spicher@ kurzfilmtage.de

The only document of student demonstrations in Belgrade in June 1968 was shot for the most part in the court of Kapetan Misino Zdanje (the Faculty of Philosophy building). The famous actor Stevo Zigon declaims, in front of an immense crowd, Robespierre's monologue from Georg Büchner's Danton's Death. Zelimir Zilnik turns from an observer into a participant of History, and not its director.

Zelimir Zilnik

He was born in 1942, and is based in Novi Sad, Serbia. From the late 60s, his socially engaged films and documentaries in former Yugoslavia and his unique visual style earned him critical accolades, but also censorship in the 70s for his unflinching criticism of the government apparatus. Low budget filmmaking and challenging political themes mark Zilnik’s prolific career that includes over 50 feature and documentary films and shorts.


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