Key, washer, coin

Alan Martín Segal

Argentine Competition

Argentine Short Films Competition

Length: 15min

Country: Argentina


D, G, E, DA, S: Alan Segal 
P: Alan Segal, Gastón Solnicki 
CP: Filmy Wiktora, Alan Segal 
I: Miel Bargman, Carolina Fandiño Salcedo, Ana Minujín, Samuel Breslin, Martín Touzón


Alan Segal

Advertisements, graphic designs and marketing texts are rarely confused with art. This is due to a congenital wound: that forms cannot hide their commercial nature. The invisible hand of these disciplines is the work of scientists, formal semanticists, cryptographers and engineers. Key, Washer, Coin is an open investigation that lays out a series of brief acts in which the contact surfaces between language and capitalist exchange are inspected, in order to try to reveal the complex semanticeconomic infrastructures that feeds our reality.

It screens together with:

Berliner Blätter
Man in the Rain
Petit daguerre

Alan Martín Segal

An artist with a degree from ENERC, Alan Segal is a participant in the Universidad Di Tella Artist’s Program and is a resident at the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture.


  • 12:30hs. Length: 15min

    Place: Del Paseo - Sala 2

  • 22:00hs. Length: 15min

    Place: Del Paseo - Sala 2

  • 16:00hs. Length: 15min

    Place: Del Paseo - Sala 2


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