Ivan Bolotnivok

32º Festival

Focus and Retrospectives

Centennial of the Russian Revolution: Art, Film, Revolution

Length: 95min

Country: Russia Lituania Macedonia


D: Ivan Bolotnikov 
G: Ivan Bolotnikov, Sergei Soloviev 
F: Shandor Berkeshi 
P: Andrei Sigle, Eva Norviliene, Sasho Pavlovsky
CP: Manufaktura Production, Proline Film, Tremora 
I: Wojciech Urbanski, Aistė Dirziūtė, Darius Gumauskas, Artyom Semakin, Grigory Chaban


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Daniil Yuvachev was a Russian writer from the first half of the 20th century. He believed he was a genius. And perhaps he was. But the publishing houses of the time did not want to publish his short stories or poems. So he survived writing children’s books confined in his messy apartment, always on the verge of poverty. In spite of the bad times, Daniil Khrams -as he called himselfgot by in the same manner as the astonishing characters he created: by forging his own world, which had very little to do with reality. Arrogant, fond of scandals, haughty, a womanizer and convinced of his talent, he defied those who wanted to hear him in the literary encounters he used to frequent on the corners of Leningrad. Kharms is a biopic that describes the fascinating life of a man who lived in constant battle against the society of the time, while dealing with his own demons.

Ivan Bolotnivok

He was born in Moscow in 1969. In 2004, he graduated from the Aleksei German and Svetlana Karmalita’s school of writers and directors. He worked in the production of the German film Hard to Be a God (screened at the 29th Festival). He directed the documentaries A Melody for German (2008) and The Theatrical Novel (2015), among others. Kharms is his first fiction film.


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