Nicanor Loreti

30º Festival

Argentine Competition

Length: 80min

Country: Argentina


D: Nicanor Loreti

G: Nicanor Loreti, Camilo de Cabo, Paula Manzone, Nicolás Britos

F: Mariano Suárez

E: Nicanor Loreti, Francisco Freixa

DA: Catalina Oliva

S: Sebastián González

M: Darío Georges

P: Jimena Monteoliva, Nicanor Loreti

CP: Crudo Films

I: Juan Palomino, Diego Velázquez, Pablo Rago, Diego Capusotto, Nicolás Vázquez

In the crossroads of superhero pop culture and local realism, Kryptonite is the adaptation of the sametitled novel by Leonardo Oyola, published in 2011. Doctor Gonzáles works the night shift in an ER room of a hospital in the greater Buenos Aires area, trying to fight a healthcare system that neglects people in the margins and young bandits who must be urgently attended after participating in violent episodes. One night, the full band of Nafta Súper comes in carrying Pinino, their wounded leader. Once they turn the hospital into their base, the plot reveals the origins and past of each member. It's the game of localizing the features of DC superheroes –from Superman to Flash– only entrenched in a contemporary social portrait. Just as Oyola did in his novel, Nicanor Loreti has the virtue of projecting conventions from superhero movies –the most productive subgenre in today's cinema– creating a new dimension with toughness, intelligence, and an element of comedy that neither mocks nor condemns pop culture.
Nicanor Loreti
He was born in Buenos Aires in 1978. He directed the rockumentary La Hache (2011; 26th Festival), the cult movie Diablo, winner of said edition’s Argentine Competition, and, together with Fabián Forte, the Socios por accidente saga. His next projects are Versus, which will be co-directed with Tamae Garateguy, the sci-fi film Zona de promesas, and 27, co-written with Alex Cox.


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