La Bouche

Camilo Restrepo

32ยบ Festival


Altered States

Length: 19min

Country: France


D: Camilo Restrepo 
G: Camilo Restrepo, Sophie Zuber 
F: Guillaume Mazloum, Cécile Plais 
E, S: Mathieu Farnarier 
P: Helen Olive, Martin Bertier 
CP: 5à7 Films 
I: Mohamed "Diable Rouge” Bangoura, Issiaga "Ella” Bangoura, Raymond Camara, Karamoko Daman, Mabinty Kohn, Marie Touré


5à7 Films
Helen Olive
T +33 680 326 302

Everything is possible in the face, shot in close-up, of a musician who vents all his amassed pain upon his bongo. In this short film, conceived as a reverse shot, or maybe the B-side of a single with many faces –of his previous short, Cilaos (2016) –, Colombian director Restrepo gives voice to the dead, the disappeared, the forgotten that perform a musical in that nowhere in which wounds are not healed but rather they are sung and danced.

Gonzalo De Pedro
Camilo Restrepo

Born in 1975 in Medellin, Colombia, he has been living and working in Paris since 1999. He has directed various feature length films, among them Tropic Pocket (2011) and Como crece la sombra cuando el sol declina (2014).


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