Lace Crater

Harrison Atkins

30ยบ Festival


Midnight Screamings

Length: 81min

Country: US


D, G: Harrison Atkins

F: Gideon De Villiers

E: Harrison Atkins

DA: Alejandro Ovalle, Luke Green

S: Harrison Atkins, Nathan Ruyle

M: Alan Palomo

P: Adam Kritzer, Joe Swanberg, Lawrence Dai

CP: Forager Film Company

I: Lindsay Burdge, Peter Vack, Jennifer Kim, Andrew Ryder, Chase Williamson


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Five twenty-something youths arrive at a beautiful house at the Hamptons, looking to enjoy the Jacuzzi and fill it up with sex and recreational drugs for a whole weekend. Each one quickly picks up a bedroom, and poor Ruth ends up alone in the apparently haunted service room. She goes to bed early and, as soon as the ghost they told her about appears in the room, what looked like a textbook horror film flies out the window. Ruth and the ghost start talking, connect, and end up in bed. After that night, she starts to feel physically strange and disconnected from her friends. The consequences of promiscuous sex, a raunchy ghost, and really loud synthesizers bring Lace Crater closer to It Follows' supernatural horror, but this original debut by Harrison Atkins has a lot more to do with the dynamics of human relations, a constant in the films of Joe Swanberg, star and producer of this one.
Harrison Atkins
Born in the USA, he directed the shorts Chocolate Heart (2014) and Blissful Banquet (2015; Grand Jury Prize at the Oak Cliff Festival). Lace Crater is his first feature.


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