The Black Book

Valeria Sarmiento



Length: 103min

Country: France Portugal


D: Valeria Sarmiento
G: Carlos Saboga
F: Acacio De Almeida
E: Luca Alverdi
DA: Isabel Branco
S: Carlos Mota, Miguel Martins
M: Jorge Arriagada
P: Paulo Branco 
CP: Leopardo Filmes, Alfama Films 
I: Lou de Laâge, Stanislas Merhar, Niels Schneider, Jenna Thiam, Fleur Fitoussi


Alfama Films

Legend has it that the screenplay for this film, written by Carlos Saboga for the director Raúl Ruiz, was found by accident by Valeria Sarmiento as she was going through her late husband Ruiz’s papers in their apartment in Paris. It is an adaptation of the novel Livro negro de Padre Dinis by the Portuguese writer Camilo Castelo Branco (famous for Mysteries of Lisbon), and its stormy atmosphere seemed perfect for the Chilean director. This historical melodrama follows the travails of an orphan of uncertain parentage and his long-suffering nurse as they cross Europe during the turbulent period of the French Revolution and the rise of Bonaparte. With a Baroque aesthetic and painterly cinematography, this French-Portuguese film immerses us in a tale of full-blooded passion. 

Valeria Sarmiento


2014 Maria Graham: Diary of a Residence in Chile
2008 Secretos

Born in Chile in 1948, Valeria Sarmiento is a director, screenwriter and set designer for cinema and TV. At the 32nd Festival she received a Special Mention from the Jury for The Wandering Soap Opera, co-directed with her husband Raúl Ruiz.


  • 14:00hs. Length: 103min

    Place: Del Paseo - Sala 4

  • 21:00hs. Length: 103min

    Place: Ambassador - Sala 1


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