Legítima defensa

Marie Louise Alemann

32º Festival


Super 8 - 16 mm

Length: 8min

Country: Argentina


D: Marie Louise Alemann


Federico Windhausen 
T +54 11 4554 8403 
E fjw2031@nyu.ed

Alemann’s most striking exploration of her face as a mask –here, an aggressive one– and a key link between her cinema and her later work with Butoh performance. Shot by Claudio Caldini.
Marie Louise Alemann
Born in North Rhine-Westphalia in 1927, she was a filmmaker, journalist, photographer, and performance artist. Her first film was Yo veo conejos (1967). She directed around 30 shorts until her last year of film production in 1985. She died in Buenos Aires in 2015.


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