The Knacks: Leave Me in the Past

Mariano Nesci, Gabriel Nesci


Original Soundtrack

Length: 108min

Country: Argentina


D, G: Mariano Nesci, Gabriel Nesci
F: Sol Lopatin, Diego Poleri
E: Alberto Ponce, Mariano Nesci 
S: Flavio Nogueira
M: Los Knacks, Gabriel Nesci, Juan Pablo Adamo 
P: Gabriel Nesci 
CP: Elevados 
I: Los Knacks



Los Knacks were formed in the wake of the Beatles’ emergence onto the global scene. Possibly the best beat combo in Argentina in the late 60s, they were also one of the unluckiest. Their career was so short that it only takes the Nesci brothers twenty minutes to tell their story in this documentary. What follows is the tale of a second chance when they find out, in 2010, about the cult that has formed around the band in Europe. Next comes a quest to achieve the impossible: to successfully play a scene where they have long since been forgotten. The film profiles each of the members (several of them are worthy of their own spin-offs) with comic touches (occasionally involuntary) and even gives us the bonus of portraying a pair of well-known contemporary musicians, one of whom is now a charming gentleman, the other a troglodite.

Mariano Nesci, Gabriel Nesci


2012 Días de vinilo
2017 Casi leyendas

Gabriel Nesci is a film and TV director, scriptwriter, musician and producer. This is his first documentary feature.

Mariano Nesci is a comedy writer and worked as an assistant director. 


  • 22:15hs. Length: 108min

    Place: Del Paseo - Sala 4

  • 16:30hs. Length: 108min

    Place: Ambassador - Sala 4

  • 21:30hs. Length: 108min

    Place: Ambassador - Sala 3


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