Chris Gude

32ยบ Festival

Latin American Competition

Length: 64min

Country: Colombia


D, G: Chris Gude 
F: Liberman Arango 
E: Felipe Guerrero 
S: Neil Benezra, Francisco Pedemonte 
P: Felipe Guerrero, Chris Gude 
CP: mutokino 
I: Jorge Gaviria, Edward Duigenan, Mago Cayory, Marcos Fidel Maldonado, Yair Mejía


Felipe Guerrero 
T +54 9 11 3215 8055 

Chris Gude returns to Colombia – specifically La Guajira, a peninsula on the frontier with Venezuela – following the footsteps of a sailor and smuggler who travelled through isolated ports and deserted lands, at the edges of the rules of State and capital. With a patient pulse and an immersive narration, the film opens the path between desolate landscapes as well as the one between these two men in their survival, between the characters and the histories that cross their paths, the stillness of these places through which they travel, and their loyalty to a land without frontiers or defined identities. Beyond the illegal nature of their commercial activities, these men and the people around them inhabit and move through spaces in which the subsequent economic practices and tendencies of each nation have not yet been fully implemented, as if they found themselves a number of steps behind the history of their countries, or perhaps as if they were not even there. At least that is what Hugo Chavez reflects on the radio in a scene that recalls Simon Bolivar’s final proclamation as our main characters once again head down the trail. 

Chris Gude

Born in New York in 1985, he studied geography and anthropology at Middlebury College. His first film, Mambo Cool (2013), screened at the 28th Mar del Plata Film Festival, as well as at FIDMarseille, Viennale, Punto de Vista and Cartagena, among others. Mariana is his second film.


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