Mister Universo

Tizza Covi, Rainer Frimmel

31º Festival



Length: 90min

Country: Belgium



D: Tizza Covi, Rainer Frimmel
G: Tizza Covi
F: Rainer Frimmel
E: Tizza Covi
P: Rainer Frimmel
CP: Vento Film
I: Tairo Caroli, Wendy Weber, Arthur Robin




Vento Film
t +43 1 406 03 92
e contact@ventofilm.com
w ventofilm.com


An exceptional work of lowly grandeur, Mister Universo is the last chapter in the trilogy Tizza Covi and Reiner Frimmel filmed in and around the anachronistic universe of the circus which had begun in 2009 withLa Pivellina. The film follows Tairo (Tairo Caroli playing himself), a circus tamer whose lucky amulet gets lost or stolen prompting him to go looking for the man who had once given it to him. When we finally get to the film’s final destination, the awe-filled and widemouthed stupor the young Tairo must have felt when the strongman Artur Robin first gave him his amulet is exactly how we feel in front of the screen. The film refuses not only the illusory distinction between fiction and documentary but most vitally that between life and art. Instead of narcissistically inscribing their own story onto their subjects, the filmmakers create a dramatic space where the story comes into being through the emphatic interaction between actors and directors. 
Tizza Covi, Rainer Frimmel
Since 1996, Tizza Covi(Italy, 1971) and Rainer Frimmel (Austria, 1971) are working together in photography, theatre, and movie projects. In 2002 they founded their own film production company Vento Film. La pivellina (2009) was their first fiction.


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