Natacha, the Movie

Fernanda Ribeiz, Eduardo Pinto

32ยบ Festival


Children by the Sea

Length: 70min

Country: Argentina


D: Fernanda Ribeiz, Eduardo Pinto
G: Fernanda Ribeiz
F: Eduardo Pinto
E: Jimena Garcia Molt
DA: Marcela Bazzano
S: Omar Jadur
M: Luis Pescetti, Gustavo Pomenarec
P: Nicolás Batlle CP: Magoya Films SA
I: Antonia Brill, Lola Seglin, Julieta Cardinali, Joaquín Berthold, Ana María Picchio


Magoya Films SA 
Nicolás Batlle 
T +54 11 4983 9310 

Childhood is a planet suspended in time. The mini inhabitants communicate amongst themselves in their preferred language, trying to construct a world of hieroglyphic codes so complex that an adult will never be able to decipher it. Based on the books by Luis Pescetti, Natacha visits this planet in which the absurd is the oxygen that keeps the imagination of children alive. Nati and Paty are great friends who share boyfriends, secrets and a venture in which they write love letters in order to relieve Cupid of the work of helping the youngest ones. While they wonder where thoughts come from, they plan a challenging mission: to prove that dogs see in color in order to win the best grade in the science and technology fair in their school. With a tender gaze, the directors reflect, as Truffaut stated, that in the world of children there are no small dramas. 

Fernanda Ribeiz, Eduardo Pinto

Writer-director specialized in education and film. She wrote León Gieco’s Mundo alas, both the feature and the series for Canal Encuentro. Natacha, the Movie is her feature-film debut. Eduardo es director, screenwriter and cinematographer. He directed the films Palermo HollywoodDora, la jugadoraBuen día, día, Caño dorado and Corralón.


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