Negative Space

Max Porter, Ru Kuwahata

32ยบ Festival


Children by the Sea

Length: 6min

Country: France


D, G: Max Porter, Ru Kuwahata
F: Nadine Buss, Simon Gesrel, Max Porter
E: Max Porter
DA: Ru Kuwahata, Marion Lacourt, Victoria Tanto, Max Porter
S: Bram Meindersma, Bram Meindersma
P: Nidia Santiago, Edwina Liard
CP: Ikki Films, Manuel Cam Studio


Sève Films Luce Grosjean 
T +33 674 232 951 

My dad taught me how to pack.

Max Porter, Ru Kuwahata

They are a filmmaking duo based in Baltimore, USA. Collaborating for over a decade. As Tiny Inventions, they have directed short films, TV commercials, music videos and comics. Negative Space is their fourth professional film.


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