Night and Fog in Zona

Jung Sung-il

31º Festival


Wang Bing

Length: 235min

Country: South Korea


D, G: Jung Sung-il 
F: Yang Gunyoung, Lee Jinkeun
E: Jung Sung-il, Park Youngun 
P: Kim Jong-Won


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A winter day in February 2003 when I saw Wang Bing’s first film Tie Xi Qu: West of the Tracks at the Rotterdam Film Festival was the first day that I decided to make this film Night and Fog in Zona. It was a gloomy and cold day and it seemed like it would rain in any minute soon. When I came out after the screening, it became night. I always have been envious of the audiences of Paris on Dec. 28, 1895 as they could see Lumière Brothers La Sortie de l’Usine Lumière à Lyon. But now I don’t envy them anymore. I decided on my own that it was the first day of the digital cinema when I watched the first sequence of Tie Xi Qu: West of the Tracks. One day my old friend Wang Bing called me and suggested to go to Yunnan where he shoots a documentary. I’ve always been curious about his shooting scene. All along the winter I’ve followed Wang Bing with my camera from the psychiatric hospital in the nameless suburb city to the jungle near the border to Laos. There, the zona is folded in wind and fog. This documentary is the record of that winter, the essay about the people of China, and the adventure-action movie done by friendship. JS
Jung Sung-il


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