Open the Doors

Shahram Karimi

32ยบ Festival


Documentary Showcase

Length: 47min

Country: Germany Italy


D, G: Shahram Karimi 
F: Shahram Karimi, Maziar Moktari, Luca Lancise 
E: Shahram Karimi, Franccsco Di Fortunato, Maziar Mokhtari 
M: Strong Melody, Jane Birkin, The Tiger Lillies, Tine, Hans Zimmer 
P: Fiamma Arditi 
CP: Without Borders


Shahram Karimi
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The history of cinema has already defined the prison film as its own genre with its own elements and particular qualities, in fiction as well as in documentary. The interesting thing about this essay, filmed in the maximum security prison of Spoleto, in Perugia, Italy, is that it uses none of those elements and qualities, and so defines itself more for what it is not, than for what it is. There are no cheap shots, no personal tragedies, nothing outside of the prison. Neither are there good guys or bad guys. The Iranian director takes shortcuts and his selections allow him to define the film with a mise en scène that is so minimalist that it is ingenious. Like a mix of talking heads with choreographed performances, the two parts (the first, in collaboration with Maziar MoKhtari, in the men’s space; the other in that of the women) that make up Open the Doors manage to portray in images that strange wisdom of those who accept their destiny while they never stop living – and thinking, especially – in the present.

Shahram Karimi

He was born in Iran in 1957 and grew up in Shiraz. He is a self-taught artist and is successful in his country as well as the Western World. Karimi’s works have been shown in places like Iran, Turkey, Germany, the US and Switzerland. He currently lives and works in Germany and the US.


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