Laura Bari

32ยบ Festival

International Competition

Length: 100min

Country: Canada Argentina


D, E: Laura Bari
S: Andreas Mendritzki
M: Florencia Di Concilio
P: Andreas Mendritzki, Aonan Yang, Laura Bari
CP: GreenGround Productions
I: Rocío Alvarez, Aldana Bari


GreenGround Productions
Andreas Mendritzki
T +514 659 4846

Primas (Cousins) is, first, a portrayal of Rocío and Aldana, two girls drawn together by the family bond of the title, but these two Argentine teenagers also share the burden of having suffered from horrible acts of violence that disrupted their childhoods. Between conversations and walks, they will free themselves from the shadows of a past filled with abuse. One story follows another, and through their words the present opens completely to the wounds of another time, to terrible situations that collided head on with their lives, changing them forever. However, their lives do not belong to their aggressors, nor to those who comment or suppose they know. The story is their very own, and they acknowledge the evil and the horror in their bodies: they look at it in the eye and defy it. They travel from Argentina to Montreal to visit their aunt, they get a glimpse of their adulthood and put their everyday lives in motion. Dance, drama and physical theater are tools for the story, one that pierces through their bodies in order to build a unique, painful perspective in which resilience confronts cruelty

Laura Bari

Born in Argentina, she currently lives in Montreal. She is a self-taught filmmaker and directed the feature films Antoine (2009, 24th) and Ariel (2013).


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