ENERC First Productions - NOA and NEA Branch es and introduc tion of the 2018 academic year for Enerc Branches

Leandro Vallejo, M. E. Pelu Romero, Dana Gómez, Diana Quiroga, Constanza Epifanio, Gisela Villanueva

32º Festival

Parallel Programs

ENERC First Productions - NOA and NEA

Length: 82min

Country: Argentina


Gender violence and identity, childhood and social context, among other subject matters, are interweaved in these six fiction features entirely made in the provinces of the Argentine Northeast and Northwest as graduate theses by students from ENERC’s regional branches, which provide public, free audiovisual training in the entre country. The screening will be accompanied by the introduction of the academic year that starts in 2018 in the NEA, NOA, Patagonia and Cuyo regions.

El después
Fabricio Garrido is a psychiatrist whose family has been struck by tragedy. He receives a new patient, Victor Mansilla, who claims to have invented something that can change the past and correct the tragedy.
D: Leandro Vallejo, 13’

El trabajo
Ana and her mother visit an Umbanda sorcerer to take revenge on Diego, Ana’s boyfriend, who frequently hits her.
D: M. E. Pelu Romero, 14’

Eve is a transsexual woman with a strong sense of duty. She dedicates her life to helping little children as a social worker in her hometown. It’s in the process of combining these two experiences that she realizes that doing the right thing can be difficult.
D: Dana Gómez, 15’

Hunger tells the story of María, a girl sunk in poverty along with her peculiar family. The story leads us to the moment her own mother sells her to a stranger, who will be the ultimate responsible for her fate.
D: Diana Quiroga, 12’

Ruido blanco
In an apathetic society, a young and curious girl named Zamira grows up in a family consumed by TV and media. Zamira feels lonely, she has to change in order to be accepted by her mother.
D: Constanza Epifanio, 13’

Vidas habitables
Georgina is a transgender woman who is being evicted. Omar is a policeman who is being humiliated by his chief because of his sexual preferences. Julia is a young transgender woman conflicted with her physical appearance.
D: Gisela Villanueva, 14’

Leandro Vallejo, M. E. Pelu Romero, Dana Gómez, Diana Quiroga, Constanza Epifanio, Gisela Villanueva


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