Quién te cantará

Carlos Vermut



Length: 122min

Country: Spain France


D, G: Carlos Vermut
F: Eduard Grau
E: Marta Velasco
M: Alberto Iglesias
P: Enrique López Lavigne
CP: Apache Films
I: Najwa Nimri, Eva Llorach, Natalia de Molina, Carme Elías


Apache Films

Perfect attendance for Carlos Vermut: at the 27th edition of the Festival we presented Diamond Flash, a quintessential cult film; two years later, the screening of Magical Girl foresaw the consecration (it won the Goya for Best Picture and Best Director) of the greatest promise of recent Spanish cinema. We confirm it now with this melodrama about the relationship between Lila, an ex-pop diva who suffers amnesia just when she was planning a comeback, and Violeta, a fan who becomes involved in her life. Vermut organizes a game of mirrors in which identity becomes eerie, and the story progressively discovers a secret that has vanished into the shadow. Some ideas and elements here (the main musical scene is extraordinary) belong to a kind of cinema that almost doesn’t exist anymore. While Vermut holds a dialogue with tradition, he marks the future.

Carlos Vermut


2014 Magical Girl
2011 Diamond Flash
2009 Maquetas (corto - short)

Born in Madrid in 1980, Carlos Vermut worked as an illustrator for El Mundo, published three comics and created the TV series Jelly Jamm. His feature Magical Girl (2014, 29th Festival) won the Best Film and Best Director awards at San Sebastián.


  • 21:15hs. Length: 122min

    Place: Ambassador - Sala 1

  • 22:00hs. Length: 122min

    Place: Ambassador - Sala 3


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