Scarred Hearts

Radu Jude

31º Festival

International Competition

Length: 141min

Country: Rumanía


D, G: Radu Jude
F: Marius Panduru
E: Catalin Cristutiu
Christian Niculescu
S: Dana Bunescu

P: Ada Solomon, Maren Ade, Jonas Dornbach
CP: Beta Cinema I: Gabriel Spahui, Serban Pavlu


Beta Cinema 
GmbH Cosima Finkbeiner
+49 673 469 823
e cosima.finkbeiner@betacinema. com

Born in 1909, Romanian writer and poet Max Blecher poured on his novel Scarred Hearts the experience of the time he spent in a hotel-clinic due to spinal tuberculosis. Blecher had collaborated with Andre Breton’s famous literary magazine Surrealism in the Service of the Revolution, and kept a correspondence with great thinkers of that time like Gide and Heidegger. Radu Jude’s fifth film is a free adaptation of Blecher’s autobiographical novel. Set in the 1930s, the film goes through the relationships the writer forged with the patients, doctors, and, especially, his own illness. The story is focused on Emanuel, his alter ego, who learns how to see the world from a horizontal position, as he is a prisoner of his plaster corset. Raw yet never morbid, Scarred Hearts is a journal of convalescence that doesn't focus solely on tragedy: the filmmaker applies the same care to a love scene as to one featuring a pus extraction.
Radu Jude
He was born in Bucharest, Romania, in 1977. He started in cinema as an assistant director in films by Costa-Gavras and Cristi Puiu. He directed several short films and four features, including Aferim! (2015), which won him a Silver Bear for Best Director in Berlinale.  


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