Sobre cosas que me han pasado

Jose Luis Torres Leiva


Auteurs Short Films

Length: 13min

Country: Chile


D, G, E: José Luis Torres Leiva
F: Cristian Soto
P: Catalina Vergara Arthur
CP: Globo Rojo Films
I: Claudio Riveros


Globo Rojo Films

Based on the book of the same name by Chilean writer Marcelo Matthey, the film tells Matthey’s story with a simple style that recalls school compositions. This short film by the prolific Torres Leiva weaves together a handful of perceptions of a solitary and contemplative man. Simple day to day tasks and hobbies like watering plants, studying singing and harvesting grapes are denatured and considered as if for the first time. With an off-camera narration by this mature man with his unhurried voice, Sobre cosas que me han pasado submerges us into the traces of associations more than into the associations themselves, in fleeting moments – urban and mundane – more than in their consequences. And it gives us back the other side of the day, made of small events of little importance, by which, without us knowing or being able to control it, the unexpected appears.


It screens together with:: 

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Jose Luis Torres Leiva


2017 El sueño de Ana (corto - short) 
2016 El viento sabe que vuelvo a casa
2013 Ver y escuchar

Born in Santiago, Chile, in 1975, he was a programmer at FICValdivia and directed several short and feature-length films, including Trance (1-10) screened at the 23rd Festival


  • 20:00hs. Length: 13min

    Place: Del Paseo - Sala 3

  • 20:00hs. Length: 13min

    Place: Del Paseo - Sala 3


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