Sophia Antipolis

Virgil Vernier



Length: 98min

Country: France


D, G: Virgil Vernier
F: Simon Roca, Tom Harari 
E: Charlotte Cherici
S: Jean Collot, Olivier Vieillefond, Simon Apostolou
M: James Ferarro
P: Jean-Christophe Reymond
CP: Kazak Productions
I: Dewi Kunetz, Sandra Poitoux, Hugues Njiba-Mukuna, Bruck, Lilith Grasmug


mk2 Films

Sophia Antipolis was born in 1970 out of a French scientist’s idea of creating a technology park. A place without center or periphery that embodies something very specific of our time. Between teenagers dissatisfied with their breasts and a widow left to live on the Cote d’Azur, between religious communities preaching the birth of a new world and strange individuals engaged in night patrols, Vernier’s mapping flirts with the documentary, combining apparently little worked materials that acquire meaning only with the progress of the story. As with some paintings that should only have be seen from a distance, you have to be patient and wait until the end of the film to understand what connects the characters and the places they frequent. Only then the imprinted image, in a sort of X-ray of the spirit of a society, reveals a worrying dark spot. 

Carlo Chatrian

Virgil Vernier


2015 Iron Maiden (corto - short)
2014 Mercuriales
2012 Orléans
2009 Thermidor (corto - short)

Born in Paris in 1976, Virgil Vernier earned a Masters in Philosophy and later in the Arts. His first feature length film is Mercuriales (2014, 29th Festival). He has also been an actor in films such as Age of Panic (2013; 28th Festival).


  • 19:15hs. Length: 98min

    Place: Ambassador - Sala 2

  • 22:30hs. Length: 98min

    Place: Ambassador - Sala 3


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