Rubén Imaz

32º Festival

Latin American Competition

Length: 80min

Country: Mexico Colombia Dominican Republic


D: Rubén Imaz 
G: Fernando del Razo, Rubén Imaz 
F: Gerardo Barroso Alcalá 
E: Israel Cárdenas, Rubén Imaz 
DA: Sofía Guzmán, Claudio Castelli 
S: José Miguel Enríquez 
M: Galo Durán, Camilo Plaza Giraldo 
P: Julio Bárcenas, Rubén Imaz, Gerylee Polanco Uribe, Oscar Ruiz Navia, Laura Amelia Guzmán, Israel Cárdenas 
CP: Axolote Cine, Contravía Films, Aurora Dominicana 
I: José Carlos Ruiz, Gabino Rodríguez, Mónica Jiménez, Rosa Márquez, Waldo Facco, Nelly Valencia, Ausencio Valencia, Leo Verdejo


Contravía Films
Natalia Pavia
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f /TormenteroFilm

According to Freud, dreams are the hallucinatory realization of repressed desires in the conscious plane. Don Rome, the melancholy lead character of Tormentero, walks through the crumbs of his life submerged in a state of permanent confusion. Having surrendered to the anesthetic effects of alcohol, the ex-fisherman wallows in the memories that confirm the dimensions of his solitude. The photos that testify to his friendships with other fishermen turn sepia when, innocently, Don Rome discovers an oil deposit that sweeps away their daily work. This fourth film by Ruben Imaz Castro, the director of the award-winning Familia tortuga (2006), follows this schizophrenic character to the point of making us doubt our own sanity. Playing with a Lynchean key, in which it is impossible to distinguish the border between dreaming and daydreaming, between fantasy and reality, the story melts into the sounds of the lead character's damaged mind, a mind that is too troubled for such a quiet body. Tormentero is a sensorial drama that drags us by the nose hairs through an introspective journey of the final days of a man who prefers to live with ghosts rather than feel himself completely alone.

Rubén Imaz

His debut film Familia tortuga (2006) premiered at San Sebastian and won various international awards. His second film, Cefalópodo (2010), won the prize for Best Actor at the Guadalajara Film Festival. In 2012, he produced Fogo, de Yulene Olaizola. His third film, Epitafio (2015), premiered at the Tallinn Film Festival.


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