A Man and a Woman

Claude Lelouch

32ยบ Festival

Focus and Retrospectives

Claude Lelouch

Length: 102min

Country: France


D, F, P: Claude Lelouch 
G: Claude Lelouch, Pierre Uytterhoeven 
E: Claude Barrois, Claude Lelouch 
DA: Robert Luchaire M: Francis Lai 
CP: Les Films 13 
I: Anouk Aimée, Jean-Louis Trintignant, Pierre Barouh, Valérie Lagrange, Antoine Sire


Les Films 13 
Tia Sackda-Sananikone 
E tia.sackda@ lesfilms13.com 
W lesfilms13.com 
f /claudelelouch.officiel 
t @lelouchofficiel 
i claudelelouch

The images remain vivid. How could we forget Claude Lelouch's classic romantic saga of star-crossed lovers embraced on the shores of Deauville, which topped the Cannes Film Festival in 1966 and grabbed 2 Oscars, for Best Film in a Foreign Language and Best Screenplay. There was Jean-Louis Trintignant's bright red Mustang, which defied space, time and inclement weather to speed across France to the beach resort and into the arms of Anouk Aimee. There was the sensual, touching, awkward scene in the Deauville hotel room, when Anne repulses Jean-Louis because she has not yet come to grips with her husband's death a year earlier. And the unforgettable ending at the train station, with the two lovers whirling around the platform to the strains of Francis Lai's song, which became even more famous than the film, a theme song of a generation.

Claude Lelouch

Born in Paris in 1937, his comedy The Decadent Influence (1965) won the award for best direction at the 8th Festival. With A Man and a Woman (1966) he won the Gold Palm at Cannes and the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film.


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