Once in the Night

Antonia Rossi

Latin American Competition

Length: 74min

Country: Chile


D: Antonia Rossi 
G: Roberto Contador, Antonia Rossi 
F: Pedro Micelli E, 
DA: Antonia Rossi, Roberto Contador 
S: Roberto Muñoz, Alejandro Salinas 
M: Gustavo Guzman, Lem 
P: Antonia Rossi, Roberto Contador, Clara Taricco, Stefano Rossi 
CP: Malaparte 
I: Rodrigo Pérez Müffeler, Cristian Carvajal, Carolina Andrea Jullian Suárez



As if dreams and memories manifested themselves in the form of animation, Una vez la noche sketches out the darkest corners of four disturbed characters. The traumas they carry narrate, through static illustrations, fixed just like the pains that oppress them, experiences represented by stains of furious color, nearinvisible glazing and brushstrokes that resume in a gesture those emotions that are impossible to enclose. Off camera voices accompany the paused rhythm of the paintings and the diverse graphic styles, transforming themselves into the music that gives texture to this bi-dimensional tale. A spoken comic strip that flirts with the multiplicity of languages needed to create a nostalgic party of visual and sonorous codes. A collage of aesthetic and sensorial possibilities that finds within the parade of images the potion for healing the wounds of the past. Director Antonia Rossi takes the idea of cinema as an exercise of memory for offering in each shot a sentimental redress that is both her own and somehow alien.

Antonia Rossi


2011 El eco de las canciones 
2005 Ensayo 
2004 La pampa

Born in Rome in 1978, Antonia Rossi Charnes has an MA in Audiovisual Arts from the Universidad de Chile. A filmmaker and professor, she directed four shorts and several video performances with the O-inc group.


  • 17:30hs. Length: 74min

    Place: Cinema - Los Gallegos Shopping - Sala 2

  • 22:40hs. Length: 74min

    Place: Cinema - Los Gallegos Shopping - Sala 2

  • 20:00hs. Length: 74min

    Place: Cinema - Los Gallegos Shopping - Sala 2


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