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Makoto Shinkai

31ยบ Festival


Children by the Sea

Length: 105min

Country: Japan


D: Makoto Shinkai 
G: William A. Kirkley 
F: Rudiger Barth, William A. Kirkley, Richard Schaefer
E: Chris Catanach
DA: Rudiger Barth
S: Mitch Dorf
M: Matt Costa 
P: Mike Manser, William A. Kirkley, Andrew Fuller, Debra Maniscalco
CP: Orange Sunshine LLC
I: Michael Randall, Carol Griggs Randall, Travis Ashbrook, Ron Bevan


Funimation Entertainment 
Chiho Mori 

Based on a story written by Makoto Shinkai himself, the film begins with a bright comet crossing the night sky, to later divide into many flashes of light that color the screen. The action revolves around two teenagers who have never met (or have they?): Mitshuha, a high-school student who lives in a rural town in the mountains, and Taki, a young man who works in an Italian restaurant and lives in downtown Tokyo. They are both destined to connect, but in quite an unusual way: exchanging bodies in their dreams. As they learn to communicate with each other and take advantage of the strange situation, a bond between them appears, and little by little, it will end up turning into something more romantic. A warm supernatural story in which love, rock and fantasy coexist in perfect harmony, confirming that the secret of dreams lies in fun. 
Makoto Shinkai
He was born in Nagano, Japan, in 1973, and studied Japanese literature at the University Chuo. In 2002, he made his directorial debut with his short Voices of a Distant Star, and two years later he shot his first film, The Place Promised in Our Early Days.


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