Extended deadline: Until September, 5th

For news and media representatives that will cover the Festival

Please, consider that the request for accreditation does not imply its direct approval. You must await the confirmation of the Staff.


Requirements and documentation

If you request the coverage of the Festival for the first time, or did not attend several editions, you must enter here, generate an account with your data and complete the accreditation process. In order to fulfill the request you must attach documentation that proof your work as a correspondent for a national and/or international cinema publication and you should include a signed letter by a superior or the chief editor that validate your attendance as a representative from that media. Letters should send to under the subject: “Nueva Solicitud”

If you have been accredited in previous editions, you should log in here with your user  and request for your accreditation. In this case you must attach all the material that you published during your prior Festival coverage. This is a mandatory condition in order to renew your press accreditation.


The accreditation offers the following benefits:


  • Free access to all Press Screenings. Subject to availability. 
  • Access to 4 (Four) screenings per day. It requires tickets to be purchased online in advance. Subject to availability. 
  • Access to Special Activities. Subject to availability.
  • Access to the Meeting Point. It does not grant access to events that require special invitation.
  • Access to Press Room. From 9:30 am to 6.30 pm.       

         *Special events require special invitation, The accreditation doesn`t grant access. 






Those who participate at the Festival with their films or in Special Activities don’t need to request an accreditation.

Application date is unmovable. Late requests won`t be considered. 



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