32nd Edition


Programa País is an effort of the Institutional Relationships Management Area, which has been bringing students of audiovisual careers throughout the country closer to the Festival for more than ten years. Students can participate of formative actions, access projections and special activities and live the whole experience of the only Festival granted A-Category in Latin America. 

Through its master classes, technical seminaries and personalized counseling, the program aims at creating a space of interaction between speakers and attendees. Experts in cinematographic cultural management cover areas that are of soon-to-be audiovisual professional’s interest, as different production means, new screens installation and INCAA’s support, among others.  

The call goes out to students through universities and institutions, both of the public and the private sector, following a record and a database that is updated annually. Programa País is supported by the cooperation of the institutions that take part in the project, which enable the program to carry out its activities, to grow and to get ready for new challenges.

The Festival is proud to see this project thrive year after year and to collaborate to give attendees the possibility to have a unique experience.


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