Jury - International Competition

    María Alché 
María Alché is an Argentinian screenwriter, director and actress. She graduated from the ENERC as a filmmaker and studied philosophy at the University of Buenos Aires. She directed the shorts NoeliaGulliver, Invierno 3025¿Quién se metió con Mayra?, which screened and won awards at the Locarno, Rotterdam, New York, BAFICI, Mar del Plata and Havana film festivals, as well as the photography work Fallas. Familia sumergida is her first feature, premiered this year at Locarno and winner of the Latin Horizonts Award at San Sebastián. She teaches Actors Direction.
    Maria Bonsanti
Since 2000, Maria Bonsanti works in the field of documentary cinema. For 12 years, she worked for Festival dei Popoli in Florence, in 2011 as co-director. She has periodically collaborated with the Locarno Festival. From 2012 until 2017, she was Artistic Director of Cinéma du Réel in Paris, where she has also conceived and developed the industry platform called ParisDOC. She was jury member at several festivals and film commissions. Since 2017, she is Head of EURODOC, leading Training Program for documentary producers.

Valèrie Massadian
Valérie Massadian is a French-Armenian photographer and filmmaker. From her background in photography, she keeps the freedom and the rigor of the face to face. Her work concentrates on female characters -their animality, how they relate to the world and nature. Nurtured by relationships built over time with each protagonist, her films play with the boundaries of fiction, redrawing their own. Her work includes Nana (2011), winner at Locarno and FICValdivia, and Milla (2017), which won at Locarno, Doclisboa and FICUNAM.

 Lluís Miñarro

Born in Barcelona, Lluís Miñarro is considered to be one of the most emblematic of independent film producers. He has worked on over 40 films that have won 120 awards. As producer, he has worked with Oliveira, Alonso, Taretto, Ameglio, Guerin, Serra, Kawase and Apichatpong Weerasethakul (Palme d’Or, Cannes 2010). As director, he has made Familystrip (2009), Blow Horn (2009), Stella Cadente (2014) and Love Me Not (in post-production).





Andrei Ujica

Born in Timisoara, Romania, in 1951, he studied literature in Timisoara, Bucharest, and Heidelberg. He started publishing poetry, prose, and essays in 1968. In 1990, he decided to make films. Together with Harun Farocki, Ujica co-directed Videograms of a Revolution (1992), which was quickly acknowledged as a landmark film. Programmed in this edition's Restored section, his second work, Out of the Present (1995), has been compared to such emblematic titles in film history as Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey and Andrei Tarkovsky’s Solaris. The Autobiograpy of Nicolae Ceausescu (2010) concludes his trilogy examining the end of communism. 



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