The Festival in Photos


  Award ceremony
  Photocall - Official awards
  Film.Ar awards ceremony
  Photocall - Film.Ar Awards
  Photocall - Gastón Ugarte
  One to one meetings
  Transmedia, new ways of producing
  Ralph Haiek - Documentary and fiction projects exchange
  The role of the editor in a film
  Photocall: Luciano Cáceres
  Analysis manual presentation
  Book presentation: Yo veo cine argentino
  Workshop immersive cinema
  Program WIP 2
  WIP Film.Ar
  Sepultura Endurance
  Presentation: Rey
  Gipuzkoa program
  Presentation: Sea Sorrow
  Presentation: The first lap
  Photocall - Day 8
  Presentation: Natacha, la película
  Presentation: Matar a Dios
  Presentation: Bunch of Kunst
  Korean film event
  Canadá event
  Interview: Juan Carlos Macías
  Presentation: The scourge
  Directores argentinos en competencia
  Diez ediciones
  Delegación competencia WIP 1
  Press conference: Al desierto
  Press conference: Vanessa Redgrave
  Press conference: The first lap
  Cinemas - Day 8
  Charla: Un argentino en Pixar
  Presentation: Baronesa
  Presentation: A trip to the moon
  Presentation: Soldado
  First productions Enerc NOA NEA
  Documentary projects presentation
  Fiction projects presentation
  Presentation: Pizza, birra y faso
  Photocall - Day 7
  Masterclass: Vanessa Redgrave
  Presentation: A bad life
  Film presentation: Lumière! L'aventure commence
  Book presentation: Thierry Frémaux
 La telenovela errante Presentation: The wandering soap opera
  Presentation: The family
  FILM.AR - Day 7
  Strategies for local and international film distribution
  Award-winning short films
  Press conference: Primas
  Press conference: Invisible
  Presentation: Coco
  Audiovisual clustar
  Conference Tamae Garateguy and Santiago Giralt
  Charla caso de estudio sobre "el patrón"
  Russian Revolution centenary
  Agenda Mercosur Audiovisual
  FILM.AR event
  Everything I see is mine
  The Villainess
  Photocall - Day 6
  The good night
  The waves
  Hablemos de cine
  Screening: Eugenia
  10 editions / 5 films
  Cinemas - Day 6
  Korean film industry: The secrets of success
  A fábrica de nada
  General essay for presenting fiction
  General essay for presenting documentaries
  Interview: Daniela Vega
  Projects GL, LL y LA tutorings
  Projects incubadora tutoring 2
  Sicilian Ghost Story
  Requiem para un film olvidado
  Postcards - Day 5
  Photocall - Day 5
  Paidos presents Cine Pop
  Museo Mar - Day 5
  Altered States - Day 5
  The beloved volcano
  Two visions on documentary cinema
  Cinemas - Day 5
  One Hundred Paths
  Behind The Dark Knight
  Tips for project presentation
  Era uma vez Brasilia
  Cocktail: Brazil Embassy
  Screening: A fantastic woman
  Screening: Camila
  Gleyzer Awards
  Screening: Silence of the wind
  Cell block 4
  The origin of sadness
  9 Fingers
  Future perspectives, contributions from the UBA
  Altered States - Day 4
  Day 4 - Cinemas
  Documentary projects incubadora tutoring
  Conference: Silence of the wind
  Tutorías Gleyzer
  Photocall: Day 3
  Damned Summer
  The Magic Gloves
  Laissez bronzer les cadavres
  I am Here
  Rambla, sin tu amor yo no soy nadie
  Cocktail: Dominican Republic
  Pantalla UBA
  Toto Kirzner
  Proyecto 55
  The seeds of violence
  Screening: Columbus
  Children by the Sea
  The Theatre of Disappearance
  Argentine short films 2
  Argentine short films 1
  Cocktail: Women and cinema
  Day 3 - Cinemas
  Dialogue: Serge Bozón and Ado Arrieta
«Homenajes II y Cinegrafías»
Masterclass: Sylvie Pialat
Charla: Cinain
Conference: Columbus
Conference: Good Luck
Presentation: Un cine en concreto
Cine Mar - Día 1
Presentation: Entre Perón y mi padre
Presentation: Los Corroboradores
Presentation: Chaco
Presentation: Blow-up
Presentation: Ata tu arado a una estrella
Twin Peaks: ¿Y ahora qué?
Un Cine en Concreto
Retejer Comunidad
Special Screening - Margaret
Children by the Sea
Cabros de Mierda
Masterclasses - Claude Lelouch
Press Conference - 5 Therapy
Photocall - Antonio Mortagua
Photocall - Alisa Pavloskaya
Press Conference - Ramiro
   Gala Ceremony
  Backstage - Marcos López Intervention
   Backstage - Day 0


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