Les affamés

Robin Aubert

32º Edición


Hora Cero

Duración: 96min

País: Canadá


D, G: Robin Aubert 
F: Steeve Desrosiers 
E: Robin Aubert, Francis Cloutier 
DA: André-Line Beauparlant 
S: Jean-Sébastien Beaudoin-Gagnon 
P: Stéphanie Morisette 
CP: La Maison de Prod 
I: Marc- André Grondin, Monia Chokri, Micheline Lanctôt, Brigitte Poupart, Charlotte St-Martin


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Sara May
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A handful of people meet while running away to save their lives. Each one facing the zombie threat in her or his own way, in a world no longer controlled by reason. No, this isn’t just "another zombie flick”, but one of those welcome exceptions that becomes refreshing because of the characters’ individual ambitions, islands in a sea of the living dead. The setting is familiar – contagious disease, voracity of the infected, imminent danger and apocalyptic sensation –, but the stakes are much higher, beginning with its carefully crafted cinematic confection. Here, the periphery is presented as a possible escape, a paradise to -try toreconquer. Of course there are jump scares here and out of control wildness, but there’s something about the moments of repose that reminds one of Terrence Malick as much as of George Romero (RIP), with a touch, small but unforgettable, of Mel Brooks.

Robin Aubert

Nació en 1972 en Québec, Canadá. Es actor, guionista y director. En 1999 comenzó a dirigir cortos, que le valieron numerosos reconocimientos, y en 2005 dirigió su primer largometraje, Saints-Martyrs-des-Damnés.


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