* There is a $20 service fee for presale
** Senior and student rates are only applicable when tickets are purchased directly at the ticket office, presenting the proof of senior/student status.

Tickets are sold in all theaters. Screenings in Mar Museum are free and tickets can be picked up one hour before each screening, up to two per person.



  • Go to and create your user and password.
  • Choose the city of Mar del Plata and press continue.
  • Choose movie theatre, film and time and press continue.
  • Indicate number of tickets and type of tickets and press continue.
  • Enter your e-mail address and password and press continue.
  • Choose the credit card you will use for paying your tickets and click on accepting terms and conditions. Press finish.
  • Enter your credit card’s information and then press "Finish purchase".
  • You will receive an e-mail with your purchase code which you will have to show at the movie theatre in order to access the screening (in our ATM terminals or at the ticket office).
  • Enjoy the screening!
  • Go to www.miboleterí and create an account: user name and password. This can be done on a computer or cellphone.
  • Select the city of Mar del Plata and click Continue (Continuar).
  • Select the theater (cine), film (película) and time (horario), and click Continue.
  • Select the number of tickets (entradas) within the type of price listed as “Acreditados” who cost is $0, and enter your Acreditation Number (N° DE ID ACREDITADO). Remember that once you have completed your quota of tickets for the day, you will not be able to request more tickets fo that date.
  • Enter you email address and password and click Continue.
  • Click that you accept the terms and conditions and press “Finalizar”.
  • You will receive an email with the operation number which you will need to present at the theater when go to see the film. The number can be presented at the ticket office or at our ATM.
  • Enjoy the screening!
  • Go to the ticket office of the corresponding theatre where you will get preferential treatment for being an accredited member of the 34° Mar del Plata International Film Festival.
  • Show your ACCREDITED MEMBER ID and request the tickets. Remember that once you have used the number of tickets available per day, you will not be able to get more tickets for that day.
  • Enjoy the screening!
(Only for regular tickets – not seniors or students – in the following theaters: Ambassador, Paseo Diagonal and Cinema Los Gallegos.)
(ATMs only sell tickets for the theater they are located in.)
  • Select the film (película) you wish to see, with the corresponding time and language.
  • Select the number of tickets (entradas). If you have a promotion, select Promociones.
  • Select payment by debit (débito) or credit (crédito) card.
  • Select seating on the map. Note: to delete a selected seating location, click on the seat.
  • Select the candy bar combo (combo de candy bar) if you would like to purchase.
  • Confirm purchase (confirmar).
  • When the screen informs you that it is preparing for payment, watch the posnet symbol until is indicated the following: “Compra - xxxxxx pase tarjeta”.
  • Slide your card or introduce the card chip, if your card has that option. Important: never manually enter the amount. Note: If necessary, enter the card’s security code (código de seguridad) if posnet requires you to do so. Tarjeta Maestro: select in the posnet system if it is a savings account (caja de ahorro) or a checking account (cuenta corriente), and enter the pin.
  • Take your tickets from the ATM.