At you will find the complete festival program and information on all the special activities: Conversations with Masters of Cinema, panel discussion, forums and more!

To watch films, enter the program tab on the website, select the title you want to view and click on Watch Film. You will be redirected to the official platforms for viewing the Festival’s films.

It is very important to remember that you have to enter using Internet Explorer 11 (if you use Windows) or Safari (if you use Mac) in order to watch the films correctly. These browsers come included for free in your operating system. If you don't have them, you can download them from the official pages of Windows and Mac.

The very first time you go to watch a film you will need to register using your name and email. Confirm your account using email and then you will be able to watch.

If you have any doubts, watch this tutorial:

Every day, at 10 am, you will find new films available for a 72 hour period. Click “Watch Film” and you will be able to enjoy the film within that time period.

The virtual movie theaters have a limited number of tickets, just like in real movie theaters. If the tickets are sold out, it will be indicated on our website.

Remember that the films are only available for viewing in Argentine territory.

Institutional Functions / Short Films

Within the program, you will find the following institutional functions: 34th Georges Méliès Award - Short Film Competition, ENERC Screening, Pantalla UBA, Cine-Cartas. UTDT – HFBK Hamburg Film Program, Historias Breves (“Short Stories”) – 18 and 25 years of Historias Breves. By entering the corresponding tab, you will be able to watch these films.

Interviews with Directors and crew of Films - Q&A

Each film is accompanied by an interview with its filmmakers, replicating the question and answer session that is usually carried out in face-to-face festivals. You can find them on our website, entering the film tab, and they will be available starting on the day of the film’s first screening until the end of the Festival.

Special Activities

At our website, you will find the Special Activities tab. Here you can enjoy the Conversations with Masters of Film, panels, forums and many other free activites that are open to the public and accessible from anywhere in the world.

All of the activities will be shown on our YouTube Channel and Facebook. Subscribe to our channels to receive the latest updates so you can organize your calendar.

The 3rd Forum on Film and Gender Perspectives will take place on Sunday, November 22 at 11 hs. To participate, register here. Play

In Play you will be able to find a special selection of films in the framework of the 35th edition of the Mar del Plata International Film Festival.


Download the catalogue for the 35th edition of the Mar del Plata International Film Festival from our webpage, as well as the books “El asombro y la audacia. El cine de María Luisa Bemberg” and “¿Qué será del cine? Postales del futuro”.

You can follow us on social networks to keep up on our latest news and announcements.


What should I do so I can I enjoy the 35th Mar del Plata Film Fest?

It’s very easy! At you will find the complete program and information on all the special activities.

What do I need to do to see the movies?

Enter the festival program through the website (, select the title that interests you and click on Watch Film. You will be redirected to the official viewing platforms of the Festival. It is very important that you remember that you have to enter using the Internet Explorer 11 browser (if you use Windows) or Safari (in the case of Mac), in order to see the movies correctly.

Where can I find my Internet explorer 11 or Safari browser?

Write the name of the browser in your Windows or Mac finder and you should see them. Click on the icon and that's it! You are ready to browse.

Do I have to register to watch the movies?

Yes, exactly. Once you have entered the web, and redirected to the official viewing platforms, you must create a user ID. Register for the first and only time with your name and email. Confirm the account in your email and you will be able to watch the movies.

What if I forgot my password?

Click on the option Forgot your password. Enter the email address with which you created your account and you will receive a link to change your password to a new one.

How long will the titles be available?

Every day, at 10:00 AM, you will find new movies and short films that will be available for 72 hours. Click on Watch Film and you can enjoy a film at any time within that 72 hour period. Virtual theaters have a limited amount of tickets, just like with real movie theaters. If tickets are sold out for a film, you will see it indicated on our website.

All programming is available only in Argentine territory.

Where do I follow the special activities, presentations, interviews, and questions and answers (Q&A) of the film directors?

On our YouTube channel you will be able to experience the Festival online. Find day by day film presentations, interviews with filmmakers and casts and special activities: conversations with Masters of Cinema, panels, forums and more! Subscribe and activate the notifications so you don’t miss out on anything. This content is going to be available worldwide.

Where can I see the activities and functions of the Festival?

You will find all the information on our website ( In addition, you can follow us on our networks to find out everything.




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What are the system requirements?

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Can I watch content on my iPhone or iPad?

Yes, through the Safari browser, as long as it is on iOS 11.2 or later. We recommend using the latest version of the browser as the system may not support older versions.

Can I watch content on my Android device?

Yes, you can watch content in the Chrome browser on Android, as long as it is on Android 6.0 or later. We recommend using the latest version of the browser as the system may not support older versions.

Can I cast content on Chromecast?

Yes, you can cast Chromecast from a browser on PC and Mac computers.

I can’t see any content. What is happening?

Check the minimum system requirements, detailed above. We recommend updating the browser to the latest version.

We use adaptive streaming with variable bit rate. This means that the quality of the streaming will be adjusted automatically based on the speed of your internet connection. For high definition (HD) streaming we recommend cable, fiber optic or VDSL connections, as we cannot guarantee HD streaming over ADSL.

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Help desk

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