Against the wind, the tide and the pandemic

During these adverse conditions, adapting to extraordinary circumstances, but with the same strength as always: the Mar del Plata International Film Festival celebrates another continuous year of programming.
Against the wind, the tide and the pandemic

In a particularly difficult year, within a framework of circumstances that none of us could have imagined, the decision to move forward with the 35th edition of the Mar del Plata International Film Festival is a way of accompanying our cinema, of recovering the value of a place where we meet, a place of culture, and of being close to our artists and our public.
As we were once again thinking of growing, the pandemic obligates us to reconsider our ideas, programs and plans. However, we firmly believe that carrying out this edition of the festival is of great importance to affirming the relevance and continuity of this beautiful event that forms part of our culture and our relationship with the world.
While we dream of returning to the theaters, of embracing each other, and of our shared culture, we are working on developing a festival that will be as “in-person” as circumstances permit. Of one thing we are certain: this festival will stand once again, as it has for the last 25 years of continuous programming, against the wind and the tide, a beautiful and vital experience of discovery and growth, of debate and liberty, and of diversity.

Fernando E. Juan Lima
President of the Mar del Plata International Film Festival

The world has changed since the beginning of the pandemic and it is not easy to get accustomed to the current state of fragility. We, the artistic team of the Mar del Plata International Film Festival, continue defending the need to sustain the experience of cinema as a place of meeting, the cinema as a collective and enriching experience. We aim to share a program that may offer a possibility of escape as well as one of meeting the gaze of others, a program that allows for new perspectives and emotions, that manages to open us up to other realities and that generates different debates. The Festival’s format will adapt to decisions that are made contemplating the public health situation in order to ensure, above all else, everyone’s good health. The Festival team also wishes to express our support for those who have passed and are passing through difficult times during the pandemic. We continue to take care of and strengthen this community of which we are a part, and that so greatly needs culture. It is with great joy that we announce our renewed daily commitment to the cinema with this edition of the festival, presenting and screening films in which we can believe and trust.

Cecilia Barrionuevo
Artistic Director of the Mar del Plata International Film Festival

Cecilia Barrionuevo Ph. Luciana Val